The Benefits of Automating Time & Attendance Management

If you are still using time-cards or time-sheets to track the hours worked by your employees, then listen closely: the days of tallying time-cards and manually entering that data into your payroll system are long-gone. Automated time and attendance systems are inexpensive yet offer tremendous benefits to employers, employees, and payroll service providers.

Benefits of Time & Attendance Management

Actionable Business Intelligence

Data can flow seamlessly from your time-clock to your payroll system in real-time, which in turn yields actionable business intelligence. With clear insight into how many hours employees have worked, management can make smarter business decisions around overtime, scheduling and time off. In short, automating time and attendance management empowers businesses to improve efficiency and save costs (like overtime) simultaneously.

Streamlined Management

Managers and payroll administrators can easily review, approve and submit employee attendance information from centralized, online dashboards. It’s faster, easier, and creates an accessible, searchable data trail that can be used for strategic planning or called upon when questions or disputes arise. Meanwhile, employees can enter and submit information more flexibly, making it more likely that they’ll stay up-to-date.

Time and Cost Savings

What if employees could request time-off via the internet and managers could approve these requests and view their department’s work schedules on-line? An automated process collapses the time required versus manual options, and the savings accelerate quickly. Additionally, the costs of archiving and storing paper documents will vanish.

Simplifying Complexity

These systems can even handle complex accruals for granting paid time off (PTO), allowing employees to see how much PTO they have available at all times. Interestingly – and disturbingly – some studies indicate that companies without automated time and attendance management overpay their employees due to human error. Most automated systems are sophisticated enough to spot potential errors and alert users. Plus, automated time and attendance management can satisfy complicated regulatory concerns, because most offer built-in tracking to make sure your business stays within the boundaries of relevant legislation.


If you want to slash the time and difficulty it takes to process payroll while improving the tools available to your employees and managers, contact your payroll provider to see which automated time and attendance system they offer. Considering the improved productivity and flexibility, reduced error rate and elimination of many costs, you and your employees will be glad you did.

Source: http://www.coadvantage.com/blog/2013/04/08/benefits-automating-time-attendance-management