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How to analyze employee performance without creeping people out

In 1888, jeweller Willard Le Grand Bundy filed a patent for “The Workman’s Time Recorder,” the world’s first workplace time clock. That means bosses have been using technology to keep track of their employees for at least the last 128

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How tech is changing the nature of time tracking

Time tracking has been a part of the daily work day for as long as most of us remember. From the early days of coal miner’s having their attendance checked off when they arrived at work for the day and

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The Importance of Tracking Employee Time — Simple Practices to Avoid Big Headaches

Employers must keep track of hours worked by hourly, non-exempt employees. Any timekeeping method is permitted, as long as it is complete and accurate. The need to track hours might appear obvious at first, but in reality, this simple rule

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The Benefits of Automating Time & Attendance Management

If you are still using time-cards or time-sheets to track the hours worked by your employees, then listen closely: the days of tallying time-cards and manually entering that data into your payroll system are long-gone. Automated time and attendance systems

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Pros & Cons of a Time Clock in the Workplace

“Punching the clock” is an expression commonly used for working at a job that demands physical presence rather than emotional engagement. A punch clock in a workplace provides employers and employees with a degree of accuracy when measuring payroll hours;

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