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These instructions are for Standard and Professional Plans Only.   If you have signed up for an Enterprise Plan then please contact our office and one of our qualified consultants will assist you with starting iTimeClock on the device.

Terminology used in this guide

iTimeClock Administrators Console – This refers to the web application that iTimeClock Administrators will Sign into via the iTimeClock website.

iTimeClock –  This refers to the web application that is started on the tablet device and is used to capture time as staff clock in/out.

Before your Staff can start using iTimeClock you need to complete a few simple steps which are listed below.

    1. Ensure the device is connected to the Internet

Open up a web browser on the device and type in a popular website address such as  If the site does NOT come up then check your Wi-Fi or 3G internet connection.   If necessary contact your telecommunications provider to assist you with getting your device connected.

    1. Logon to iTimeClock

Assuming you have completed Step 1 and are able to connect your device to the Internet then copy/paste the following URL into the web browser on your tablet.

* Note: We suggest you add a bookmark on the device for easy access to this link in future

The following Login screen should come up in the web browser.

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 4.13.19 pm

Enter the Administrator login details used to access the iTimeClock Administrators Console.   Press the ‘Start Time Clock’ button.

Note: If you select the ‘Remember Me’ checkbox then the system will automatically pass-through the login credentials the next time you attempt to start iTimeClock and should take you directly to Step 3 below.

    1. Choose your Site

If your iTimeClock system has been setup to track time against multiple sites then choose your Site from the Location drop down list as shown in the screen capture below.  Press ‘Enter’ to start iTimeClock on the device.

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 4.12.53 pm

Startup Complete!

That’s it, iTimeClock should now be started on the device and your iTimeClock interface should appear similar to the screen below ready for your staff to clock in/out.

Screen Shot 2013-10-28 at 4.13.02 pm