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These instructions are for Standard and Professional Plans Only. If you have signed up for an Enterprise Plan then please contact our office and one of our qualified consultants will assist you with your setup.

Terminology used in this guide

iTimeClock Administrators Console – This refers to the web application that iTimeClock Administrators will Sign into via the iTimeClock website.

iTimeClock – This refers to the web application that is started on the tablet device and is used to capture time as staff clock in/out.

Before your Staff can start using iTimeClock you need to complete a few simple setup steps which are listed below.

    1. Logon to the iTimeClock Administrators Console

Sign in to the iTimeClock Administrators Console using Admin login details that were provided to you when you purchased the system. Note:  You will be required to change your administrator password when you first login.

    1. Add your Staff

To do this, click on the “Staff” option on the application toolbar.  This screen allows new Staff records to be added to the system and for existing Staff records to be copied or updated.

You will normally set up a Staff record for each General Staff member whose time you wish to track.  General Staff include anyone for whom you wish to track time, including your own full-time employees, casual employees and external contract staff.

See the guidelines below for specific information on key fields

Logon ID:  Admin Staff can have an alphanumeric  logon ID up to 255 characters.  General Staff accessing iTimeClock must be assigned a numeric Logon ID (used as their pin) of no more than 12 digits.

Staff Type:  Admin Staff who will Logon to the iTimeClock Administrators console should have Staff Type set to Admin.   General Staff who will access iTimeClock should have Staff Type set to “[Time Clock Access]  Staff”.

Default Charge Rate: Set this field to the default hourly amount you wish to charge for this Staff member (up to four decimals precision).

Default Cost Rate: Set this field to the default hourly cost rate for this Staff member (up to four decimals precision).

Reference and Notes: You can use these fields to record any additional information you wish to store about your Staff in the iTimeClock system. For example, you could use it to record a Staff member’s ID from your Payroll or Accounting system to assist with the linking of data between those systems and iTimeClock.

Upload Signature File:  If you are using Electronic Signature Processing then you have the ability to upload an electronic signature for this Staff member. Use the “Browse” button to choose the Signature file to upload (.gif graphic file). Note: Signature files should be scanned in greyscale and adjusted to a size of 600 pixels wide by 200 pixels high. This is then scaled for printing on the Timesheet.  Remember to choose Save after selecting the signature file to upload.

Current Signature: This field is shown if you are using Electronic Signature Processing. The current signature is shown in the space adjacent to this field. If no signature has been uploaded then a sample file is shown instead. Note: You can download the signature by right-clicking it and choosing Save.

Note:  The electronic signatures processing is ONLY available on Professional and Enterprise Plans.


      • An error message will be displayed if you leave any fields blank that are mandatory or if any other data validation rules are not adhered to.
      • If you no longer wish to use a particular Staff record, you should “Edit” the Staff record and set its Status to “Disabled” which will prevent the staff from accessing iTimeClock.
      • You cannot change the Staff Type of the last Admin user. This prevents the possibility of someone accidentally locking themselves out of iTimeClock with no Admin access. To change the Staff Type of the last Admin user, give another user Admin access first.
      • The Staff Copy feature can save you a significant amount of time when you wish to set up a new Staff member whose details are very similar to those of an existing Staff member (i.e. the new Staff member will be working on similar Sites to the one being copied).  See note below on multi-site time capture.
    1. Start iTimeClock

See separate FAQ topic: ‘How to Start iTimeClock on the Device

Setup Complete!

That’s it, iTimeClock setup is complete! You can now inform your Staff that they can start using the system. If you have entered email addresses for all your Staff, you can use the Email notification facility in iTimeClock to send them a customised message.

To do this, click on “Timesheets” on the main application toolbar and then on the “Check” option. Simply overtype the default Send Reminder Email message text with your own Welcome message and press the “Send Email Message” button.


  • Multi-site Time Capture:  Please contact iTimeClock Support for assistance with setting up additional Site(s).  Note: Multi-Site time capture is ONLY available for Professional and Enterprise Plans.
  • Data Upload Service:  If you have a significant volume of data to set up in the system, such as 50, 100, or even 200 or more staff, it may be more economical to have your information imported directly into the system for you by a iTimeClock Consultant, to get you up and running as soon as possible. The data to be imported should be provided to iTimeClock in a CSV or tab-delimited format.  Contact iTimeClock Support for further details.